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If you want more customer friendly service, equal or much better prices on most things, there are much better options nearby. Biscoe Pharmacy (across from Walmart) people are very friendly and have the only actual drive through in the whole region.

CVS in Troy and Walmart pharmacy in Biscoe accept special online coupons and have really saved us a ton of money. And both are very professional and have accountable customer service.

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Original review posted by user Apr 13, 2016

We, Ronald Jackson and Carmen Wright, were treated illegally by White Star Pharmacy, located in Troy N.C. USA. The following pages are allegations, concluding with a detailed explanation of events.

The events were initiated on Jan 17th, 2015. We were dealing with two critically ill household family members through this period of time, as well as working with a lawyer to resolve the illegal foreclosure proceedings on our Richmond VA. home. Carmen’s mother was seriously ill at the start of the events involving White Star Pharmacy.

Her Mom passed after nearly six months in ICU, on June 8th, 2015. Shortly thereafter, August of 2015, Carmen Wright had to be rushed to ICU with a nearly fatal pulmonary embolism. Her survival was quote “miraculous.” It took several months for her full recovery. These things in part have/had caused delays in our trying to reach a timely resolution to these important issues with the pharmacy

The criminal assertions made here are based in part on issues of civil rights violations, in addition to well-documented HIPAA criminal law violations by Kayren Brantley, acting as a pharmacist and the owner of White Star Pharmacy.

This includes the malicious misuse of our private medical records for the purposes of defamation and harassment. The information was also used as a manipulative tool to commit the alleged and currently (still) imposed civil rights violations. She also made false defamatory claims about our private records to gain support to her position. It was illegal for her to publicly disclose such information for any reason whatsoever.

These things were done by or with the assistance, support, and cooperation of the city of Troy Police Department, various Montgomery County representatives and the North Carolina State Board of Pharmacy officials. Key allegations being made here are well documented, as we are prepared to take these matters to court to file suit(s) for damages.

We allege that Kayren Brantley, owner of White Star Pharmacy, while acting within the granted trust as a licensed pharmacist in the state of North Carolina, sought to use her position to inflict pain and suffering by misusing and abusing her authority, and did so, for purely malicious and non-professional reasons. That these malicious intents were particularly effective when combined with our family health crises going on at the time, since two of the medications, unlawfully withheld, aided with stress/panic disorders and sleeping problems, issues that were obviously heightened at that time.

Further, the response from North Carolina State Board of Pharmacy concerning these matters was purely nonsensical, as if the reviewer(s) deliberately chose to not see the accurate basis of the filed complaint. There seemed to be an apparent and deliberate confusion from their reply.

It appeared the state board simply decided to ignore critical points in our complaint, and accept whatever information Brantley apparently gave in her response, to brush aside any issues of misconduct. Brantley’s response to the complaints was likely nothing more than a continuation of false and defamatory information, causing any violations to be dismissed based on a further assault on our character.

In addition to unprofessional actions in withholding legally prescribed and already filled medications, Brantley continued to act in an unethical and unprofessional manner by knowingly and recklessly violating federal privacy laws set forth in HIPAA guidelines, and additionally gave out false and defamatory information in describing our medical records.

This was done with the intent to inflict additional personal damages, which the Troy police, the Montgomery County courthouse staff, an acting Montgomery County judge, and The North Carolina Board of Pharmacy aided in.

Each official or agency was willing to knowingly disregard clear violations of federal law for what seemed to be either a personal favor to Brantley or a falsely created personal bias against us, as Brantley used knowledge of information in our private medical records to make false and damaging claims about that information as part of her petty vendetta. Her harmful intentions were triggered entirely by a trivial financial loss and openly hostile customer return policy.

As of this date, it has been nearly a year since I formally filed a complaint to HIPAA, which included proof and clear documentation of the alleged HIPAA violations. There has been no response received thus far from the federal agency.

The office of civil rights was also contacted and has provided the only response received from any federal authorities. They saw no civil rights violations that fell under their jurisdiction in the complaint sent.

At this time, it is unclear if federal laws that were most certainly broken will be ever enforced by officials charged by duty to do so. There are currently no restrictions on taking private legal actions for victims of medical privacy violations. However, most lawyers seem to be unfamiliar with this area of law.

We were denied medications we needed. Then a restraining order was put out because we complained, by sending two letters never replied to, with the second letter containing legal threats only. No personal threats have ever been made in any regard.

Carmen Wright suffered from not having her medications. A cancer survivor with many other health issues, some related to living in a toxic mold-filled home in Virginia, she needed her medications. Her/our Virginia doctor legally prescribed them. Our doctor of 15 years is, in fact, the only person qualified to have a valid medical opinion of anything alleged (by Brantley) on our DEA records. Brantley is only a pharmacist, not a physician, and does not know our complete medical history.

And Brantley and her pharmacy in Troy had no ethical or legal reason to withhold them in such a manner as to void them from ever being filled. There is misinformation going around on "right to refuse to fill a prescription." The detailed law specifies professional reasons. They can't just be personal reasons. She'd been filling these exact same prescriptions for five months prior without issue, with the exact same information, and these were refills from the same store.

Only one thing changed that compelled her to withhold medications, and to be clear, not all of these were controlled substances. That part didn't actually matter. This happened because we had returned an errant (expensive) special order prescription for a refund to her store. WE DID NOT ask for this prescription.

She was out around $62, assuming no one else wanted the prescription from her store. So when she made us return ALL our already filled prescriptions just to get a refund for the one wrong one, she then refused to give any of them back, purely out of spite. Any other reasons she has/is giving are lies, which has led to this entire little town illegally knowing our private medical records along with Brantley's defamatory opinions.

My first goal in reporting this publicly is getting a lawyer not afraid of taking on county and state officials in North Carolina for civil rights violations. The state invites discrimination and civil rights abuses openly. And while another victim of this same crime received 1.44 million in Indiana, we are not on a get rich quick scheme. Some automatically think suing anyone for anything is a scam. We want justice foremost. And we want to have enough to move very far away from this place, and never come back.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. is quite happy with prices and stated that there is a room for improvement of owner is unfit to serve the public. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss "felony level custmoer service" of white star discount pharmacy of troy prescription refill and associated monetary loss in the amount of $200000. White Star Discount Pharmacy Of Troy needs to offer any options to resolve the issue according to poster's claims.

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I continue to wonder about a current issue. A local judge (Rob Wilkins Montgomery County North Carolina) blatantly showed bias and favoritism to rule against me in a consumer dispute, that a store owner had "made her wishes known that she did not want further contact with me" as the sole response to an otherwise legitimate consumer complaint in letter form to her store.

(cpmplete on court record)

She literally responded, as a sole response to a complaint, by obtaining an illegal restraining order, without any actual threat or fear of any actual damages or harm to her person; that a restraining order is intended to cover and protect in the case of actual potential victims of actual physical harm.

The real order is designed to protect people an actual danger from a stalker or abuser. Its purpose is not to be used as a political tool to threaten, abuse and harass citizens who write complaint letters in valid consumer disputes as dispute resolution.

She and the judge knew they were both violating federal laws by even accepting the contents of the complaint, based solely on illegally released medical records, but conveniently overlooked that. I'd never actually seen or spoken to the complainant prior to an illegally based hearing.

So why, based on that judgment, could I not also get exactly the same legal rights, which would be to "make my wishes known" that I do not wish contact with local police, county authorities, or anyone in authority in this county. My request should be equal regardless of my actions or violations of law, in kind. In fact, I am "making my wishes know" I don't want contact from any of these (so called) authorities here and now.

The result to violate these "wishes" based on this judge's ruling should be the arrest and prosecution of anyone violating these wishes, as I have made "my wishes known." No other basis was given, and is not needed here.

Under equal rights with a fair, just and an equal ruling, even if I robbed a bank or was speeding...anything at all in this county as the complainant's need to abide by law was completely ignored, then the arresting officers should also face arrest and prosecution themselves for coming anywhere near me, violating my "known wishes" regardless of what I did or do.

Because equal rights are equal. No matter how one wants to game the system and show blatant favoritism and bias, if the law is equal as the constitution specifies, it is equal for all.


And Walgreens and walmart meds use a lot of fake plecbo medicine that does not work like it should. They buy over seas in large bulk whatever is cheaper that time so they ate constantly changing it up
to Anonymous #1147724

If you have actual knowledge of the, report it to the FDA and the FBI. It's a federal crime.


Seriously??? Places are cutting down on meds...didn't just happen to you..heck cvs turned me down and I was with them for 35 years.

Insurance companies along with corporation policies that they make yet don't tell the public works against legit people getting medicine they need to survive. Hippa is a joke and not a big deal, I don't even get why they passed it..I don't care if someone calls out I'm on birth control, or had a cold...itslife..we all have medical issues or we wouldn't be there and the wouldn't be making millions of dollars
to Anonymous #1146014

Big difference in cutting down on meds and burning your scripts for being a well known hateful sorry *** becth on a vendetta. And then using your private records as a personal attack on you is different.

You'd possibly think differently if your records were used with malicious intent. Yeah HIPAA is being a joke mostly.

But I promise, barring any other form of justice, Brantley is going to serve at least the one year min time in federal prison as prescribed by law. If you're under the delusion they sell better products there, sorrynotsorry you're a fool.

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